This version of the module is deprecated and is no longer supported. Use the sds-drbd module instead.

The module is guaranteed to work only in the following cases:

In all other cases, the module may work, but its full functionality is not guaranteed.

This module manages a replicated block storage solution in the cluster using the LINSTOR and the DRBD kernel module.

LINSTOR is an orchestrator, acting as an abstraction layer that:

  • automates the creation of volumes using well-known and proven technologies such as LVM and ZFS;
  • configures the replication of the volumes using DRBD.

The linstor module makes it easy to use LINSTOR-based storage in your cluster. After enabling the linstor module in the Deckhouse configuration, your cluster will be automatically configured to use LINSTOR. All that remains is to create storage pools.

Two modes are supported: LVM and LVMThin.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, read FAQ for more details and comparison.