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Модуль по умолчанию выключен.


  • auxiliaryClusterboolean

    This cluster is auxiliary.

    Default: false

  • clusterTypestring

    Sets the cluster type in exported metrics, disabling automatic detection.

    Allowed values: Cloud, Hybrid, Static


    clusterType: Cloud
  • contactsinteger

    The number of contact persons for which we need to charge.

    Default: 0

  • doNotChargeForRockSolidboolean

    Is the RockSolid release channel included in the price, or should we charge for it separately.

    Default: false

  • kubeallobject

    Parameters for generating the kubeall registry.

    • contextstring

      Which context to use from the specified kubeconfig.

      Default: ""

    • hoststring

      Required value

      The hostname on which to run kubectl.


      host: hostA
    • kubeconfigstring

      The path to the kubeconfig file.

      Default: "/root/.kube/config"

    • kubectlstring

      Kubectl command (with sudo if needed).

      Default: "sudo kubectl"

    • teamstring

      Required value

      The team serving this cluster.


      team: teamA
  • licenseKeystring

    Client license key.

  • logs

    Logs parameters or false to disable logs distribution.

    • urlstring

      URL for sending logs in Loki compatible storage.

      Default: ""

  • madisonAuthKey

    Key to access Madison alertmanager, or false to disable integration.


    madisonAuthKey: abc
  • metrics

    Metrics parameters or false to disable metrics distribution.

    • urlstring

      URL for sending metrics in Prometheus remote_write format.

      Default: ""

  • nodesDiscountinteger

    Discount for nodes as a percentage, without the % symbol. For example: 10, 20, 30.

    Default: 0

  • planstring

    Unused. Tariff plan.

    Default: "Standard"

    Allowed values: Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum


    plan: Standard
  • planIsBoughtAsBundleboolean

    Whether a “package” has been purchased.

    Default: false

Пример конфигурации

flantIntegration: |
  licenseKey: s6f8766314a9426faa2b3
  madisonAuthKey: abc9ydhshy32plkj
    team: myteam
    host: myproject.kube-master-0
    kubeconfig: /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf