Managed Deckhouse

Built using the Deckhouse Platform EE, Managed Deckhouse is the perfect choice if you:

  • want to get Kubernetes with zero effort;
  • have no plans to hire dedicated Kubernetes engineers or building your own K8s expertise;
  • do not consider managing Kubernetes platform to be the core specialty of your business.

How does it work?

  • You provide us access to your infrastructure. It can be anything* on-premises or on a cloud.
    • * Supported options include AWS, GCP, Azure, OVH Cloud, OpenStack, VMware vSphere, or bare-metal servers.
  • We design the cluster's architecture according to your needs. Then we deploy and configure Deckhouse in your infrastructure.
  • We make upgrades for your clusters, monitor them, proactively eliminate any present issues, and consult you. Maintenance of Deckhouse Platform is our responsibility.

What do I get?

  • Kubernetes clusters are based on Deckhouse Platform EE (with all of its features) and fully managed by our team.
  • The best possible SLA. Flant's engineers are responsible for all operations designed to minimize the probability of flaws over the course of maintenance.
  • Monitoring and resolving critical incidents.
  • Consulting and support for your Kubernetes users.

Managed Deckhouse vs. Deckhouse Platform EE

Deckhouse Platform EE is the basis for Managed Deckhouse. The difference all has to do with maintenance & responsibility.

All EE features
Admin access
to your clusters
Flant engineers
Your engineers
L1 support
Flant engineers
Your engineers
Configuration in line with guidelines
Flant engineers
Your engineers


Here are precalculated prices for the most common Managed Deckhouse use cases:

Development stage or experimental production
Standard production
Production with demanding availability requirements
1 cluster
$500.00 / month
$700.00 / month
$1,610.00 / month
1 production cluster
+ 1 dev cluster
$1,000.00 / month
$1,200.00 / month
$2,110.00 / month
2 production clusters*
+ 1 dev cluster
* 1 hot + 1 cold or both are hot
$1,500.00 / month
$1,700.00 / month
$2,610.00 / month
Extra nodes for each
* In addition to 20 nodes that are already included
$10.00 / month
$10.00 / month
$10.00 / month
Many clusters
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& assistance
Find the optimal solution
for your business
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