Deckhouse Platform CE

Community Edition (CE) is the perfect choice to test out Deckhouse Platform in action and/or to deploy the platform if you currently don't need professional support from the vendor.

To help you decide whether Deckhouse Platform CE will meet your current expectations, we've put together this CE vs. EE comparison table.

Deckhouse Platform CE is freely available via the project's main GitHub repository. The Getting Started instructions will guide you through the initial configuration & installation process.

Deckhouse Platform CE vs. EE

Compared to the Deckhouse Platform Community Edition, which is available for free,
Enterprise Edition comes with a broad range of additional features:

Supported infrastructure
Bare metal
Public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP…)
VMware vSphere
Supported features
Istio service mesh
Multitenancy (coming soon)
Enterprise-level security** (coming soon)
BGP support
Instant autoscaling*** (coming soon)
Local DNS caching
Upgrades timeframe**** (coming soon)
Experimental features
Open Source

(limitations are applied)

(from the community only)

(from Flant)
Training & Consulting

* You can still install Deckhouse Platform CE on OpenStack and vSphere; however, in that case those platforms will function as regular bare metal servers. There won't be any cloud integration, i.e. the VMs are added manually, no autoscaling is provided, etc.
** Including Vault integration and encrypted secrets in etcd.
*** Accelerated new Pods/nodes adding thanks to fully prebuilt images.
**** Selectable timeframe for automatic platform upgrades.

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