Deckhouse Stronghold

Store secrets securely and manage their lifecycle

Easy to implement

A standardized, HashiCorp Vault-compatible API. Easy to use and integrate with various tools and platforms as part of a functioning infrastructure

Ready-to-use integrations

Deliver secrets securely, authenticate using external identity sources (e.g., AD, OIDC, LDAP, SAML)

Logging and monitoring

Control secret operations and track actions involving secrets in clusters to audit, monitor, and journal all operations

Data protection and encryption

Protect your data and prevent unauthorized access to it even if your servers are physically stolen

Authentication and authorization

Differentiate access to secrets within the cluster and from outside the cluster. Manage all secrets from a single location with all the benefits of their centralized storage

Access control

Create isolated environments and manage access to secrets based on roles, policies, and access control lists

How it works

Enable the Deckhouse Stronghold module

Enable the necessary internal or external authentication systems

Add or import secrets to Stronghold

Configure user and application access policies

Enable integration for secret delivery

Use cases

Centralized secret storage

Create a transparent secret management system for different teams by keeping secrets for various services and applications in one place

Automate secret delivery

Retrieve secrets from a centralized storage in a secure way using APIs

Distribute trust zones

Separate access rights for managing the storage and retrieving application secrets to minimize data leakage risks and ensure ultimate access control

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