Deckhouse ecosystem

A set of tools to build and deliver Cloud Native applications in a secure fashion, run legacy applications, speed up and facilitate the transition from monolith and legacy apps to microservices

Certified in CNCF
for Kubernetes 1.25 — 1.29

Our advantages


Our platform automates many routine operations. It manages system software on nodes, Kubernetes core components and its own modules — all by itself

Fault tolerance

High availability and fault tolerance of all components out-of-the-box, SLA 99.99%


Clusters support all kinds of infrastructure and can run in private and public clouds as well as on bare metal servers

Centralized management

A unified UI for managing, monitoring and controlling the entire ecosystem through APIs and the GUI

DevSecOps practices

End-to-end application of DevSecOps best practices across all stages of the continuous value delivery process

Technical support

One-stop source of expert support for all the products in the ecosystem


Deckhouse provides a proven set of tools for application lifecycle management, development, protection, storage, and delivery. Deckhouse products unify the approach to application development and operations for all teams, regardless of their integration with each other

Deckhouse’s ecosystem of products includes solutions for secure authentication, authorization, network policy management, TLS certificate issuance, and many other IT security-related features

Products of our ecosystem can be installed and used on servers with no Internet access, in the most hard-to-reach locations and at geographically remote sites. The high reliability and degree of automation of the products increases system resiliency and facilitates operation

Advanced monitoring right out of the box, extensive customization options, high level of security, sophisticated application delivery pipeline, service mesh, virtualization environment, secret storage, and more support the operation of complex applications composed of multiple services running in various environments

When the success of your business depends on the speed and stability of highly loaded services and data processing that require large amounts of compute and storage, the suite of tools that the Deckhouse ecosystem provides helps simplify and optimize these tasks by providing a single platform for running different types of workloads

Deckhouse’s ecosystem of products helps your business run like a pipeline, securely operate legacy applications, or accelerate the migration from monolith and legacy to microservices. With a suite of containerization, monitoring, and virtualization solutions, you can securely develop, deliver, and operate Cloud Native applications of any complexity

Success stories

Leroy Merlin
DIY retailer (home and gardening goods)
Distributed infrastructure management

The retailer had a bunch of Kubernetes clusters hosted in various data centers and clouds. The challenge was to find a cost-effective way to manage its infrastructure.

Leroy Merlin Russia has selected Deckhouse Platform as a tool to manage all their clusters in 4 different data centers and clouds (OpenStack, vSphere, Yandex.Cloud). Ever since it was put into implementation, the customer has benefitted from enormous observability and single-window control.

Simple texting
An all-in-one text messaging service
High loads are no longer a problem

All of SimpleTexting’s services were based on virtual machines and had to ensure that high loads could be supported without any hiccups.

SimpleTexting selected Deckhouse as the most convenient NoOps Kubernetes platform, in particular enjoying the advantages of autoscaling as traffic continues to spike.

Free ad platform
Kubernetes from the first sight

Lalafo had never used Kubernetes before, but they were having trouble handling high loads and were in search of a failover solution, so they decided to give it a shot.

The Deckhouse clusters in lalafo have ensured the functionality of the failover structure which utilizes the full power of Istio to organize a service mesh.

3 Commas
Smart trading terminal and auto trading bots for cryptocurrency exchanges
Scalability intacked

3Commas had deployed all of its microservices on VMs but it was held back by a lack of scalability and robustness in the event of rapid traffic influxes.

3Commas had deployed all of its microservices on VMs but it was held back by a lack of scalability and robustness in the event of rapid traffic influxes.

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