Deckhouse Delivery

Build, test, distribute delivery artifacts, and deploy applications on Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform

Easy to use

Deploying applications to Kubernetes no longer requires the assistance of DevOps- or SRE-engineers. All you need is a set of Dockerfiles and a Helm chart

Extensive feature range

Advanced build features, various deployment scenarios, container registry cleanup, and much more

Reduced time to market

Frequent and prompt releases. Reduced time to deliver changes to end users

Incremental delivery

Reassembly and redeployment are optimal thanks to automatic caching and a universal tagging scheme

Quick feedback

Problems are identified early and detailed information is provided to find solutions

Cost optimization

Reduced delivery costs due to high automation and lower product team engagement in reviewing and testing

How it works

Install the d8 tool and configure your system according to the instructions

Outline the delivery configuration for your application

Authenticate with the container registry and Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform

Build and deploy your application

Use cases

a CI/CD pipeline

Building a continuous process of application development, testing, and delivery in Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform.

Reducing delivery time and cost, automating processes and improving product quality.

Deploying applications
in air-gapped environments

Building a fully managed process for application delivery and deployment in air-gapped environments (no Internet access).

Ensuring a high level of delivery security.

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