Virtualization Platform

User-friendly environment for deploying hyperconverged infrastructure

Flexible and functional

Virtual machines and containerized applications run in the same environment

Runs in hybrid cloud

Building an efficient hybrid infrastructure in a fully isolated environment

Easy to integrate

Easily integrates with majority of solutions on the market; all the features are available through the API

Increased security

Full-featured private cloud with flexible access settings, permission levels, and security settings

Diverse product ecosystem

Deckhouse’s suite of platform solutions from SDN to containers for full virtualization operations

Technical support

Training, support, testing assistance, and regular updates

How it works

Install the platform on a prepared server

Configure network access and security policies if necessary

Import or create the required environment

Customize integrations with other products in the Deckhouse ecosystem to extend the platform’s functionality as needed

Notable features


Scale up to 1,000 servers and 50,000 virtual machines with ease

Choose your providers

Choose any server hardware and storage vendors

Manage network

Microsegment and keep network traffic secure with SDN policies

Automate and leverage IaC

Automate the resource management process; make use of Terrafrom and GitOps

Manage your storage

Built-in SDS for block devices. Local and distributed disks, external storage

Plan your resources

Feature-rich scheduler provides flexible resource allocation management (DRS/SDRS)

Use cases

Creating isolated environments

Create isolated virtual environments for users who perform different IT tasks.

Flexibly share and commit resources, provision them on demand, and control resource utilization.

Running VMs and containers in the same environment

Your applications can only run in virtual machines, while development takes place in containers?

Now you can run and use containerized applications and virtual machines in the same environment!

Running multiple Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform clusters

You can create and work with additional kubernetes clusters and Deckhouse environments on top of the existing containers and virtual machines that are already deployed on the platform.

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