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Deckhouse training sessions

Our approach implies a fast start (lots of information is provided at the beginning of the training) and gradual application of new knowledge under the subsequent supervision of our tutors.

The sessions are designed to train your engineers in two different aspects:

– how can Deckhouse fit into your architecture?

– how can the full power of Deckhouse be achieved?

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Here are Deckhouse success packages we provide


A 10-hour Deckhouse Platform overview: the main features, installation, cluster deployment, update of the cluster and its components, and a monitoring, logging, and alerting setup.

4H×5 + 2H×10

A 20-hour deep dive into Deckhouse Platform to cover all of Deckhouse’s functions for growing teams. Tutoring sessions are followed by ten 2-hours Q&A sessions, supervision, and guidance from the Flant team.

4H×10 + 2H×20

40 hours of sessions with a customized agenda tied to your projects. API, Commander, service mesh, and authentication modules coverage along with your own specific requirements. Twenty 2-hour sessions to track your progress and advise you on your Kubernetes journey, including with regard to performance issues.

Premium On-Site
4H×5 + 2H×10 + 3 days on-site

Premium package, inclyding 3 additional days with our DevOps engineer in an old-school classroom training format. 40 hours of sessions followed by supervised hands-on experience on your premises with immediate feedback and guidance from Flant experts.

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