Kubernetes Platform

Comprehensive solution for container orchestration on top of any infrastructure

Operational security

Proven tools and DevSecOps best practices

High availability

99.99% SLA thanks to fault tolerant platform components

Faster development

15x less time to prepare and deploy development environments

Process automation

Automation of up to 80% of manual operations including cluster management

How it works

Once the installation is complete, you have a fully operational platform ready to go

Customize automatic updates to run at a suitable time, opt for early access to new features or prefer more stable ones

Group nodes for different types of workloads, manage allocated resources, configure high availability mode

Customize rules for security, monitoring, logging, and other subsystems as needed

Integrate the full range of Deckhouse ecosystem products and extend the capabilities of the platform

Platform editions

Community Edition

Free version of the platform

Basic Edition

For public clouds or on-premise installations with internet access

Standard Edition

For non-critical environments that do not require dynamic scaling and increased security requirements, including air-gapped environments with no Internet access

Enterprise Edition

For production environments in private clouds and on-premises, including multidatacenter and multicloud installations as well as environments with increased security requirements

Community EditionBasic EditionStandard EditionEnterprise Edition
Deploying to an air-gapped environment
Administrator interface
Integration with OpenStack or VMware-based private cloud
Enterprise Security
Service mesh in multicluster or federation mode
Extended technical support

Modules available in different editions of the Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform

Runs anywhere


On dedicated servers, including air-gapped environments


In public clouds: AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM cloud, DigitalOcean, Oracle, and others


In remote installations with poor network connectivity and limited resources


In private clouds, on top of any virtual instance, including those without internet access


The hybrid model: static part of the cluster runs on bare metal plus dynamic scaling to the cloud

Autopilot for your infrastructure

Autoscaling of platform components based on their load

Automatic configuration of control components

Automatic threat detection and mitigation

Automatic provisioning of resources and releasing idle capacity



Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform workshops to get the most out of the platform, carefully crafted by our experts.

Our partners

Easy implementation and caring support thanks to our extensive partner network.

Success stories

Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform manages several hundred clusters in different industries and environments. Here are some of the most notable examples.

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