Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform has a modular structure. Modules can be embedded in Deckhouse or connected using the ModuleSource resource.

The distinguishing feature of an embedded Deckhouse module is that it is delivered as part of the Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform and shares a common Deckhouse release cycle. For more information on embedded Deckhouse modules, see the Deckhouse documentation.

Deckhouse modules (connected using the ModuleSource resource) have a release cycle that is independent of Deckhouse, i. e. they can be updated independently of Deckhouse versions. Deckhouse modules may be developed by a team that is not part of the Deckhouse development team. The operation of a particular module may affect the stability of Deckhouse, but we strive to ensure that such an impact will not have serious consequences for the platform as a whole.

This section provides information on Deckhouse modules that have passed preliminary compatibility testing and have been approved for use with Deckhouse.