The module is available only in Deckhouse Enterprise Edition.

Schema version: 1

  • https object

    What certificate type to use with Stronghold.

    This parameter completely overrides the global.modules.https settings.


      secretName: stronghold-tls
    mode: CustomCertificate
      clusterIssuerName: letsencrypt
    mode: CertManager
    • https.certManager object
      • https.certManager.clusterIssuerName string

        What ClusterIssuer to use for Stronghold.

        Currently, letsencrypt, letsencrypt-staging, selfsigned are available. Also, you can define your own.

        Default: letsencrypt

    • https.customCertificate object

      Default: {}

      • https.customCertificate.secretName string

        The name of the secret in the d8-strognhold namespace to use with Stronghold.

        This secret must have the format.

        Default: false

    • https.mode string

      The HTTPS usage mode:

      • CertManager — Stronghold will use HTTPS and get a certificate from the clusterissuer defined in the certManager.clusterIssuerName parameter.
      • CustomCertificate — Stronghold will use HTTPS using the certificate from the d8-system namespace.

      Default: CertManager

      Allowed values: CertManager, CustomCertificate

  • ingress object

    Default: {}

    • ingress.class string

      The class of the Ingress controller used for Stronghold.

      An optional parameter. By default, the modules.ingressClass global value is used.

      Pattern: ^[a-z0-9]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?(\.[a-z0-9]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?)*$


      class: public
  • inlet string

    The way the connection to Stronghold is implemented.

    The following inlet types are supported:

    • Ingress — access via ingress-nginx controller.

    Default: Ingress

    Allowed values: Ingress

  • management object

    Default: {}

    • management.administrators array of objects
      An list of users and groups that can access Stronghold as administrators. Other authenticated users will access Stronghold with default policy.


      - name: admins
        type: Group
      - name: security
        type: Group
      - name: manager@mycompany.tld
        type: User
      mode: Automatic
      • string
      • management.administrators.type string

        Allowed values: Group, User

    • management.mode string
      Automatic - enable Stronghold auto-init and auto-unseal. Root token will be stored in stronghold-keys Secret resource

      Default: Automatic

      Allowed values: Automatic