The module is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

The module is guaranteed to work only with stock kernels that are shipped with the supported distributions.

The module may work with other kernels or distributions, but its stable operation and availability of all features is not guaranteed.


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

The resource displays up-to-date information about available block devices on nodes that can be used by the sds-node-configurator controller for LVM operations.

The resource is created and managed by the controller only. Manual modification of the resource is prohibited.


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

An interface for managing Volume Groups and Thin pools on the nodes.

These resources might be created both by a user and the sds-node-configurator controller. The sds-node-configurator controller will automatically create an LVMVolumeGroup resource if it detects an existing Volume Group on a node tagged with ‘’. The controller will fill in both the ‘spec’ and ‘status’ fields.

  • spec object
    • spec.actualVGNameOnTheNode string

      The desired name of a Volume Group. Must be unique for the node it is on.

      This field is immutable.

    • spec.blockDeviceNames array of strings

      An array of block device resource names to create a Volume Group.

      Note that the selected block devices must belong to the same node for a Local Volume Group.

    • spec.thinPools array of objects
      The desired Thin-pool configuration.
      • string

        The desired Thin-pool name.

        This field is immutable.

      • spec.thinPools.size string
        The desired Thin-pool size.

        Pattern: ^[0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?(E|P|T|G|M|k|Ei|Pi|Ti|Gi|Mi|Ki)?$

    • spec.type string

      The type of a Volume Group. Might be:

      • Local, that is, local if the devices used are not distributed (not Shared LUN).

      Allowed values: Local