The functionality of the module might significantly change. Compatibility with future versions is not guaranteed.


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

LocalStorageClass is a Kubernetes Custom Resource that defines a configuration for a Kubernetes Storage class.
  • spec object
    Defines a Kubernetes Storage class configuration.
    • spec.fileSystem object
      • spec.fileSystem.localPath string

        Required value

    • spec.isDefault boolean

      Should this Storage class be used as default.

      Note that the default value is false.

      Default: false

    • spec.lvm object
      The field provides a LVM configuration.
      • spec.lvm.lvmVolumeGroups array of objects

        Required value

        LVMVolumeGroup resources where Persistent Volume will be create on.
        • string
          The LVMVolumeGroup resource’s name.
        • spec.lvm.lvmVolumeGroups.thin object
          Thin pool in a LVMVolumeGroup resource.
          • spec.lvm.lvmVolumeGroups.thin.poolName string

            Required value

            The name of the thin pool.

            Minimal length: 1

            Pattern: ^.*$

      • spec.lvm.type string

        Required value

        The type of the device.

        Allowed values: Thick, Thin

    • spec.reclaimPolicy string

      Required value

      The storage class’s reclaim policy. Might be:

      • Delete (If the Persistent Volume Claim is deleted, deletes the Persistent Volume and its associated storage as well)
      • Retain (If the Persistent Volume Claim is deleted, remains the Persistent Volume and its associated storage)

      Allowed values: Delete, Retain

    • spec.volumeBindingMode string

      Required value

      The Storage class’s binding mode. Might be:

      • Immediate (creates a PV as a PVC requested)
      • WaitForFirstConsumer (creates a PV after a Pod consumes PVC)

      Allowed values: Immediate, WaitForFirstConsumer