The Console (‘console’ module) is a web interface aiming the simplicity of control and transparency of a state of Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform.

Assuming public domain template is, the web app will be available at Only cluster administrators are allowed to use the app.


  • Cluster overview, versions of Deckhouse and Kubernetes, the overall condition and updates
  • Deckhouse modules and their settings
  • Node management: configuration, scaling, and update settings
  • Multitenancy: projects and project templates
  • Access control: external authentication providers, group and user permissions
  • Ingress controllers to rul incoming traffic
  • Journaling: collecting logs from node file and pods, and sending them to various storage types
  • Monitoring: processing and sending of metrics, recording rules and alerts, Grafana dashboards and data sources, Prometheus settings, and a list of firing alerts
  • GitOps support: special marks on Kubernetes resources, created by automation like werf, Argo CD, Helm.
  • Metrics and monitoring dashboards in Nodegroups, Nodes, and Ingress Controllers
  • Pods of Prometheus, Ingress Controllers, and Nodes
  • And much more!

Turning on

The module must be turned on explicitly in ModuleConfig:

kind: ModuleConfig
  name: console
  enabled: true