Deckhouse Platform EE

What is it?

Enterprise Edition offers you a straightforward method to get the most out of the self-hosted Deckhouse Platform. Deploy it on any infrastructure and enjoy the full spectrum of the platform's features! While your engineers are responsible for maintaining it, Flant is always happy to help with first-hand support and consultations.

Subscription Plans

Deckhouse Platform EE is offered with our support in any of the following subscription plans:

Support time
8 × 5
(9:00 — 17:00 CET)
24 × 7
Reaction time
1 hour
5 mins
Resolution time
Next business day
As soon as possible
Communication channel
Email, Slack
Email, Slack, Remote access
SLA for clusters*
SLA for applications**

* SLA for clusters means we guarantee that this is the level of availability you will enjoy and we will respond in a timely fashion to help you to achieve these numbers.
** SLA for applications means integration enabling you to enrich our application metrics with your own custom metrics, helping to resolve any issues that may appear on the cluster.

EE source code is open, but it’s neither Open Source nor free to use. If your subscription runs out, you can still use and modify the source code of the last EE version you purchased. However, in that case, you will no longer get any further updates, be able to create new clusters, or have the ability to provide Kubernetes-as-a-Service to third parties.

Please see success packages for training and consulting options.

EE pricing

Subscription prices are calculated based on a few parameters including the type of your infrastructure, planned resources coverage, and chosen support plan. To get a quote for your case, please contact us via online chat or

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Deckhouse Platform CE vs. EE

Compared to the Deckhouse Platform Community Edition, which is available for free,
Enterprise Edition comes with a broad range of additional features:

Supported infrastructure
Public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, Yandex.Cloud)
Supported features
Extended security
Instant autoscaling
Experimental features
Community support
Vendor support

You can also find a full per-module comparison of Deckhouse Platform editions in the documentation.

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Deckhouse Platform EE vs. Managed Deckhouse

Enterprise Edition powers Managed Deckhouse, which is another way to take full advantage of all the features Deckhouse Platform comes with. The difference is all about the responsibility — refer to our table for details.

To learn why & how the Deckhouse Platform is different from existing KaaS (Kubernetes as a Service) offerings, please check this comparison.

All EE features
Admin access
to your clusters
Flant engineers
Your engineers
L1 support
Flant engineers
Your engineers
Configuration in line with guidelines
Flant engineers
Your engineers
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