Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform in kind

Congratulations, your Deckhouse Kubernetes platform is up and running!

Deckhouse, deployed in the kind cluster, is suitable for getting acquainted with other features that might need for production environments. Read further about such Deckhouse features.


☸ Dashboard

Get access to the Kubernetes Dashboard.

Web service name: dashboard

👌 Status page

Get information about the overall status of Deckhouse and its components.
Web service name: status

Get detailed SLA statistics for each component and time frame.
Web service name: upmeter


Deploying your first application

⟳ Setting up a CI/CD system

Create a ServiceAccount to use for deploying to the cluster and grant it all the necessary privileges.

You can use the generated kubeconfig file in Kubernetes with any deployment system.

🔀 Routing traffic

Create a Service and Ingress for your application.

Learn more about the capabilities of the ingress-nginx module.

🔍 Monitoring your application

Add "my-app" and "80" annotations to the Service created.

For more information, see the monitoring-custom module’s documentation.

What’s next?

Detailed information about the system and the Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform components is available in the documentation.

Please, reach us via our online community if you have any questions.