Deckhouse Platform for bare metal

The presentation contains an overview of the actions required to install Deckhouse.

Installation requirements

  1. Personal computer. The computer from which the installation will be performed. It is only needed to run the Deckhouse installer and will not be part of the cluster.


    • OS: Windows 10+, macOS 10.15+, Linux (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04+, Fedora 35+);
    • installed docker to run the installer (here are the instructions for Ubuntu, macOS, Windows);

    • HTTPS access to the container image registry;
    • SSH key access to the node, the master node of the future cluster.
  2. Physical server or virtual machine for the master node.


    • at least 4 CPU cores
    • at least 8 GB of RAM
    • at least 40 GB of disk space for the cluster and etcd data
    • supported OS

    • HTTPS access to the container image registry
    • SSH key access from the personal computer (section 1)
    • container runtime packages, such as containerd or docker, should not be installed on the node