• bundle (string)

    The Deckhouse bundle defines a set of modules enabled by default.

    • Default — the recommended set of modules for cluster operation: monitoring, authorization control, networking and other needs (the current list is available here).
    • Minimal — the minimum possible bundle option (includes a single module - this one).
    • Managed — the bundle aimed at clusters managed by cloud providers (e.g., Google Kubernetes Engine).

    Default: "Default"

    Allowed values: Default, Minimal, Managed

  • logLevel (string)

    Deckhouse logging level.

    Default: "Info"

    Allowed values: Debug, Info, Error

  • nodeSelector (object)

    The same as in the pods’ spec.nodeSelector parameter in Kubernetes.

    If the parameter is omitted or false, it will be determined automatically.

  • releaseChannel (string)

    Deckhouse release channel.

    The order in which the stability of the update channel increases (from less stable to more stable): Alpha, Beta, EarlyAccess, Stable, RockSolid.

    Allowed values: Alpha, Beta, EarlyAccess, Stable, RockSolid

  • tolerations (array of objects)

    The same as in the pods’ spec.tolerations parameter in Kubernetes;

    If the parameter is omitted or false, it will be determined automatically.

    • effect (string)
    • key (string)
    • operator (string)
    • tolerationSeconds (integer)
    • value (string)
  • update (object)

    Deckhouse update configuration

    • windows (array of objects)

      Time windows for upgrading deckhouse. Used for downloading and starting a new deckhouse image with the same tag if it exists.

      • days (array of strings)

        Days of the week when deckhouse could be upgraded.

        Allowed values of the array: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

      • from (string)

        Pattern: ^(?:\d|[01]\d|2[0-3]):[0-5]\d$

        Example: "13:00"

        Required value.

      • to (string)

        End time of update window.

        Pattern: ^(?:\d|[01]\d|2[0-3]):[0-5]\d$

        Example: "18:30"

        Required value.

Note (!) that Deckhouse will stop working if there is a nonexistent label in nodeSelector or tolerations specified are incorrect. You need to change the values to the correct ones in configmap/deckhouse and deployment/deckhouse to get Deckhouse back on track.