Module is enabled by default, but agents won’t be deployed. It will wait for log-pipeline creation. Log-pipeline consists of ClusterLoggingConfig/PodLoggingConfig connected to ClusterLogDestination.


  • debugboolean

    Enable or disable agent debug logging. Default: false.

    Default: false

  • nodeSelectorobject

    The same as in the Pods’ spec.nodeSelector parameter in Kubernetes.

    If the parameter is omitted or false, nodeSelector will be determined automatically.

  • resourcesRequestsobject

    Max amounts of CPU and memory resources that the pod can request when selecting a node.

    If the vertical-pod-autoscaler module is disabled, then these values become the default ones.

    • modestring

      Required value

      The mode for managing resource requests.

      Default: "VPA"

      Allowed values: VPA, Static

    • staticobject

      Static mode settings.

      • cpu

        Required value

        CPU requests.

        Default: 50m

      • memory

        Required value

        Memory requests.

        Default: 64Mi

    • vpaobject

      Parameters of the vpa mode.

      • cpuobject

        Required value

        CPU-related parameters.

        • max

          Maximum allowed CPU requests.

          Default: 500m


          max: 3
          max: 300m
        • min

          Minimum allowed CPU requests.

          Default: 50m


          min: 5
          min: 500m
      • memoryobject

        Required value

        The amount of memory requested.

        • max

          Maximum allowed memory requests.

          Default: 2048Mi


          max: 32Mi
          max: 3000
        • min

          Minimum allowed memory requests.

          Default: 64Mi


          min: 4Mi
          min: 400
      • modestring

        Required value

        The VPA usage mode.

        Default: "Initial"

        Allowed values: Initial, Auto

  • tolerationsarray of objects

    The same as in the Pods’ spec.tolerations parameter in Kubernetes;

    If the parameter is omitted or false, tolerations will be determined automatically.

    • effectstring
    • keystring
    • operatorstring
    • tolerationSecondsinteger
    • valuestring