This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only.
This feature is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

The module is automatically enabled for all cloud clusters deployed in VMware Cloud Director.

The module is configured using the ModuleConfig custom resource named cloud-provider-vcd (learn more about setting up Deckhouse…).

Example of the ModuleConfig/cloud-provider-vcd resource for configuring the module:

kind: ModuleConfig
  name: cloud-provider-vcd
  version: 1
  enabled: true
  settings: # <-- Module parameters from the "Parameters" section below.


Schema version: 1

  • storageClassobject

    The module automatically creates StorageClasses that are available in OpenStack.

    • storageClass.defaultstring

      The name of StorageClass that will be used in the cluster by default.

      If the parameter is omitted, the default StorageClass is either:

      • an arbitrary StorageClass present in the cluster that has the default annotation;
      • storageClass for default Storage Profile;
      • the first StorageClass created by the module.


      default: ceph-ssd
    • storageClass.excludearray of strings

      A list of StorageClass names (or regex expressions for names) to exclude from the creation in the cluster.


      - ".*-hdd"
      - iscsi-fast