Addon operator
A tool to combine Helm charts with hooks and values storage to transform charts into smart modules that configure themselves and respond to changes in the cluster.
Apache License 2.0
Alpine Linux
A Linux distribution built around musl libc and BusyBox.
Apache License 2.0
Argo CD
Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.
Apache License 2.0
Argo CD Image Updater
Automatic container image update for Argo CD
Apache License 2.0
Ceph CSI
Ceph Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver for RBD and CephFS.
Apache License Version 2.0
A Kubernetes add-on to automate the management and issuance of TLS certificates from various issuing sources.
Apache License 2.0
chrony is a versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
GNU General Public License version 2
Cilium is open source software for providing and transparently securing network connectivity and loadbalancing between application workloads such as application containers or processes.
Apache License 2.0
Cilium Hubble
Hubble is a fully distributed networking and security observability platform for cloud native workloads. It is built on top of Cilium and eBPF to enable deep visibility into the communication and behavior of services as well as the networking infrastructure in a completely transparent manner.
Apache License 2.0
A DNS server/forwarder that chains plugins.
Apache License 2.0
CSI Snapshotter
The controller is required for CSI snapshotting to work and is not specific to any CSI driver.
Apache License 2.0
A tool to auto-fix scheduling issues Kubernetes does not cover itself.
Apache License 2.0
A Federated OpenID Connect Provider with pluggable connectors.
Apache License 2.0
A distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system.
Apache License 2.0
Falco, the cloud-native runtime security project, is the de facto Kubernetes threat detection engine.
Apache License 2.0
A simple and easy way to configure a layer 3 network fabric designed for Kubernetes.
Apache License 2.0
Gardener Machine Controller Manager
An operator that manages VMs as a kubernetes custom resource.
Apache License 2.0
Policy-based control for cloud native environments
Apache License 2.0
An open-source platform for monitoring and observability.
GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
Grafana Agent
Grafana Agent is a telemetry collector for sending metrics, logs, and trace data to the opinionated Grafana observability stack.
Apache License 2.0
The package manager for Kubernetes
Apache License 2.0
image-syncer is a docker registry tools. With image-syncer you can synchronize docker images from some source registries to target registries, which include most popular public docker registry services
Apache License 2.0
An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices.
Apache License 2.0
A lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor.
Mixed (
Provides simple and robust facilities for loadbalancing and high-availability to Linux system and Linux based infrastructures.
GNU General Public License v2.0
Visualisation tool for the istio service mesh topology, and features like circuit breakers or request rates.
Apache License 2.0
A small HTTP proxy for a single upstream, that can perform RBAC authorization against the Kubernetes API using SubjectAccessReview.
Apache License 2.0
A turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provide operational simplicity and high performance.
Apache License 2.0
A simple service that listens to the Kubernetes API server and generates metrics about the state of the objects.
Apache License 2.0
An open source system for managing containerized applications across multiple hosts.
Apache License 2.0
Kubernetes Autoscaler
A autoscaling-related components for Kubernetes.
Apache License 2.0
Kubernetes CSI
Kubernetes specific Container-Storage-Interface (CSI) components.
Apache License 2.0
Kubernetes Dashboard
A general purpose, web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters.
Apache License 2.0
Kubernetes Metrics Server
A scalable, efficient source of container resource metrics for Kubernetes built-in autoscaling pipelines.
Apache License 2.0
Local Path Provisioner provides a way for the Kubernetes users to utilize the local storage in each node by creating hostPath based persistent volume on the node automatically.
Apache License 2.0
Loki: like Prometheus, but for logs.
GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
High performance multithreaded event-based key/value cache store intended to be used in a distributed system.
BSD-3-Clause license
A load-balancer implementation for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, using standard routing protocols.
Apache License 2.0
A HTTP reverse proxy/cache for http applications and a dashboard query accelerator for time series databases.
AGPL-3.0 license
A HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server and load balancer.
2-clause BSD-like license (
NGINX Ingress Controller
A ingress controller for Kubernetes using NGINX as a reverse proxy and load balancer.
Apache License 2.0
Node exporter
Prometheus exporter for hardware and OS metrics exposed by *NIX kernels, written in Go with pluggable metric collectors.
Apache License 2.0
OAuth2 Proxy
A reverse proxy and static file server that provides authentication using Providers (Google, GitHub, and others) to validate accounts by email, domain or group.
MIT License
OpenKruise is an extended component suite for Kubernetes, which mainly focuses on application automations, such as deployment, upgrade, ops and availability protection.
Apache License 2.0
A secure tunneling daemon.
Mixed (
A systems and service monitoring system.
Apache License 2.0
Prometheus Operator
Kubernetes native deployment and management of Prometheus and related monitoring components.
Apache License 2.0
Prometheus Pushgateway
A tool to allow ephemeral and batch jobs to expose their metrics to Prometheus.
Apache License 2.0
Promxy is a prometheus proxy that makes many shards of prometheus appear as a single API endpoint to the user. This significantly simplifies operations and use of prometheus at scale (when you have more than one prometheus host).
MIT License
Reloader watches for ConfigMap and Secret and detects if there are changes in data of these objects. After change detection reloader performs rolling upgrade on relevant Pods via associated Deployment, DaemonSet and StatefulSet.
Apache License 2.0
Shell operator
A tool for running event-driven scripts in a Kubernetes cluster
Apache License 2.0
A tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently.
Mozilla Public License 2.0
A HTTP reverse proxy/cache for http applications and a dashboard query accelerator for time series databases.
Apache License 2.0
Trivy Operator
The Trivy-Operator leverages trivy security tools by incorporating their outputs into Kubernetes CRDs (Custom Resource Definitions) and from there, making security reports accessible through the Kubernetes API. This way users can find and view the risks that relate to different resources in what we call a Kubernetes-native way.
Apache License 2.0 (
Vector is a high-performance, observability data pipeline for logs and metrics
Mozilla Public License, version 2.0