Deckhouse CLI is a command line interface for cluster management created by the developers of Deckhouse Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Starting with version 1.59, the DH CLI is automatically installed on all cluster nodes. You can also install the CLI on any machine and use it to operate clusters that are not managed by DKP.

On the command line, the utility can be invoked using the d8 alias. All the commands are grouped by their function:

  • d8 k — the kubectl command family.
    For example, d8 k get pods is the same as kubectl get pods.
  • d8 d — the range of delivery-related commands (see the werf tool).
    For example, you can run d8 d plan --repo instead of werf plan --repo

  • d8 mirror — the range of commands that allow you to copy DKP distribution images to a private container registry (previously the dhctl mirror tool was used for this purpose). For example, you can run d8 mirror pull -l <LICENSE> <TAR-BUNDLE-PATH> instead of dhctl mirror --license <LICENSE> --images-bundle-path <TAR-BUNDLE-PATH>.

    The d8 d and d8 mirror command groups are not available for Community Edition (CE) and Basic Edition (BE).

  • d8 v — the set of commands for managing virtual machines created by Deckhouse Virtualization Platform.
    For example, the d8 virtualization console command execs you into the VM console.

    More virtualization commands...
    • d8 v console execs you into the VM console.
    • d8 v port-forward forwards local ports to the virtual machine.
    • d8 v scp uses the SCP client to work with files on the virtual machine.
    • d8 v ssh connects you to the virtual machine over SSH.
    • d8 v vnc connects you to the virtual machine over VNC.

How do I install Deckhouse CLI?

  1. Download the archive for your OS/architecture:
  2. Extract the archive:

    tar -xvf "d8-v${RELEASE_VERSION}-${OS}-${ARCH}.tar.gz" "${OS}-${ARCH}/d8"
  3. Copy the d8 file to a directory at the PATH variable on your system:

    sudo mv "${OS}-${ARCH}/d8" /usr/local/bin/
  4. Check that the CLI is working:

    d8 help

Congrats, you have successfully installed Deckhouse CLI!