This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only.
This feature is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

List of required VCD resources

  • Organization
  • VirtualDataCenter
  • StoragePolicy
  • SizingPolicy
  • Network
  • EdgeRouter
  • Catalog

Adding network

Create internal network and connect it to Edge Gateway.

Adding network, step 1 Adding network, step 2 Adding network, step 3 Adding network, step 4 Adding network, step 5 Adding network, step 6

Adding vApp

Adding vApp step 1 Adding vApp step 2

Adding internal network to vApp

Adding internal network to vApp, step 1 Adding internal network to vApp, step 2

Setup DNAT rules on EDGE gateway

Setup DNAT rules on EDGE gateway, step 1 Setup DNAT rules on EDGE gateway, step 2


  • You can add distro’s cloud images (Ubuntu for example) to Catalog and use them on the machine creation.
  • Cloud-init support should be in the cloud image.

Inbound traffic

  • You can DNAT incoming traffic on the EDGE router (ports 80, 443) to the specific ip address in the internal network.
  • This ip address is managed by MetalLB in L2 mode on the dedicated frontend nodes.

Using the data store

  • VCD supports CSI, disks created by CSI is VCD Independent Disks.
  • Guest property disk.EnableUUID should be enabled for the used machine templates.
  • Known limitation - CSI disks cannot support resizing at all.