This module installs Prometheus Pushgateway into the cluster. It gets metrics from the app and pushes them to Prometheus.

Learn more about when to use Prometheus Pushgateway. Learn how to use Prometheus Pushgateway.

Example of using PushGateway

PushGateway address: http://first.kube-prometheus-pushgateway:9091.

Pushing a metric using curl
# echo "test_metric 3.14" | curl --data-binary @- http://first.kube-prometheus-pushgateway:9091/metrics/job/app

The metrics will be available in Prometheus in 30 seconds (after the data are scraped):

test_metric{instance="",job="app",pushgateway="first"} 3.14

Caution! The job value must be unique in Prometheus to preserve the consistency of the existing graphs and alerts. Use the following query to get a list of all existing jobs: count({__name__=~".+"}) by (job).

Deleting all metrics of a group {instance="",job="app"} using curl
# curl -X DELETE http://first.kube-prometheus-pushgateway:9091/metrics/job/app/instance/

Since PushGateway stores the scraped metrics in memory, all metrics will be lost when the Pod is restarted.