This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only.
This feature is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

The module allows you to create isolated environments in a Kubernetes cluster.

You can use the pre-made template and a Project custom resource to create identical, isolated environments in a Kubernetes cluster, each with users with access rights set up (see Examples for more details).

Creating isolated environments using the multitenancy-manager module can be handy in the following cases:

  • As part of the CI/CD process — creating developer environments for testing or showcasing code.
  • When deploying applications — providing limited access to the cluster to the developer.
  • When cluster resources are shared between multiple tenants.

Module features

  • Managing user and group access via the RBAC Kubernetes mechanism (based on the user-authz module).
  • Managing isolation levels of particular environments.
  • Creating templates for multiple environments and customizing by parameters according to OpenAPI specification.
  • Fully Helm-compatible resource templates.

How the module works

When a Project resource is being created, the following things happen:

Since templates are rendered using Helm, you can define any necessary Kubernetes objects, such as NetworkPolicy, LimitRange, ResourceQuota, etc. in them.