This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only.
This feature is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

  • specobject
    • spec.descriptionstring

      Arbitrary description of the purpose of the environment.

    • spec.projectTypeNamestring

      The name of the CR ProjectType to be used as a template for creating resources for the environment.

    • spec.templateobject

      Values for resource templates from the environment template (CR ProjectType in helm values format that map to the OpenAPI specification (the openAPI parameter of the environment template).


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

Describes the environment template.

This resource is referenced by the Project CR.

  • specobject
    • spec.namespaceMetadataobject

      Labels and annotations that apply to created namespaces when setting up the environment.

      • spec.namespaceMetadata.annotationsobject
      • spec.namespaceMetadata.labelsobject
    • spec.openAPIobject

      OpenAPI specification for template values (the resourcesTemplate parameter).

    • spec.resourcesTemplatestring

      Resource templates in helm format to be created when setting up a new environment.

      Templates are fully compatible with all helm functions. Read more about creating an isolated Environment

      The following values are also available in templates:

      • {{ .projectName }} — the name of the Project (environment) for which the template is being rendered.
      • {{ .projectTypeName }} — the name of the ProjectType.
      • {{ .params }} — a dictionary of custom values, described in the .spec.openAPI parameter and defined in the .spec.template parameter.

      Note! Specifying .metadata.namespace fields for objects is optional, as they are automatically set with the name of the created environment (CR Project).

    • spec.subjectsarray of objects

      List of ServiceAccounts, Groups and Users to provide access to the created environment (project).

      • spec.subjects.kindstring

        Kind of the target resource to apply access to the environment (ServiceAccount, Group or User).

        Allowed values: ServiceAccount, User, Group

      • spec.subjects.namestring

        The name of the target resource to apply access to the environment.

      • spec.subjects.namespacestring

        The namespace of the target resource to apply environment access to. Required only when using ServiceAccount from another namespace.

        Pattern: [a-z0-9]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?

      • spec.subjects.rolestring

        Role name from user-authz module

        Allowed values: User, PrivilegedUser, Editor, Admin