The module is deprecated.

Use the sds-replicated-volume module instead.

The module is guaranteed to work only in the following cases:

As for any other configurations, the module may work, but its smooth operation is not guaranteed.

This module manages replicated block storage based on DRBD. Currently, LINSTOR is used as a control-plane. The module allows you to create a Storage Pool in LINSTOR as well as a StorageClass in Kubernetes by creating Kubernetes custom resources. To create a Storage Pool, you will need the LVMVolumeGroup configured on the cluster nodes. The LVM configuration is done by the sds-node-configurator module.

Caution! Before enabling the sds-drbd module, you must enable the sds-node-configurator module.

Caution! The user is not allowed to configure the LINSTOR backend directly.

Caution! Data synchronization during volume replication is carried out in synchronous mode only, asynchronous mode is not supported.

After you enable the sds-drbd module in the Deckhouse configuration, your cluster will be automatically set to use the LINSTOR backend. You will only have to create storage pools and StorageClasses.

Caution! The user is not allowed to create a StorageClass for the CSI driver.

Two modes are supported: LVM and LVMThin. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages. Read FAQ to learn more and compare them.