The functionality of the module might significantly change. Compatibility with future versions is not guaranteed.

The module is guaranteed to work only with stock kernels that are shipped with the supported distributions.

The module may work with other kernels or distributions, but its stable operation and availability of all features is not guaranteed.

The module manages LVM on cluster nodes through Kubernetes custom resources by performing the following operations:

Caution! Manual creation and modification of the BlockDevice resource is prohibited.

  • Discovering LVM Volume Groups on the nodes with the LVM tag attached and Thin-pools running on them as well as managing the corresponding LVMVolumeGroup resources. The module automatically creates an LVMVolumeGroup resource if it does not yet exist for a discovered LVM Volume Group.

  • Scanning LVM Physical Volumes on the nodes that are part of managed LVM Volume Groups. In case the size of underlying block device expands, the corresponding LVM Physical Volumes will be automatically expanded as well (pvresize will occur).

Caution! Downsizing a block device is not supported.

  • Creating/expanding/deleting LVM Volume Groups on the node according to the changes the user has made to the LVMVolumeGroup resources. Usage examples