The module is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

The module is guaranteed to work only in the following cases:

As for any other configurations, the module may work, but its smooth operation is not guaranteed.

Schema version: 1

  • backup object
    Module backup settings
    • backup.enabled boolean
      Module backup state

      Default: true

    • backup.retentionCount integer
      Number of backups to keep

      Default: 3

    • backup.schedule string
      Backup schedule

      Default: 0 3 * * *

  • dataNodes object
    Settings for Linstor on nodes with data

    Default: {}

    • dataNodes.nodeSelector object

      The same as in the Pods spec.nodeSelector parameter in Kubernetes.

      If parameter is omitted, Linstor nodes will be placed on all nodes.

      Caution! Changing this parameter does not result in data redistribution. If node with data no longer matches the nodeSelector, data on that node will become inaccessible.

      Default: { "": "linux" }

  • logLevel string
    Module log level

    Default: INFO

    Allowed values: ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE

  • registryScheme string
    Change this parameter to “http” if the module registry does not support TLS.

    Default: https