Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

Defines the configuration for Deckhouse release.

  • approvedboolean

    Allows or disables manual updates.

    Ignored if the module’s update mode is set to Auto (update.mode: Auto).

    Default: false

  • specobject

    Required value

    • spec.applyAfterstring

      Marks release as a part of canary release. This release will be delayed until this time.

    • spec.changelogobject

      Release’s changelog for enabled modules.

    • spec.changelogLinkstring

      Link to site with full changelog for this release.

    • spec.disruptionsarray of strings

      Deckhouse disruption keys.

    • spec.requirementsobject

      Deckhouse release requirements.

    • spec.versionstring

      Required value

      Deckhouse version.


      version: v1.24.20


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

Defines the configuration for Deckhouse module.

  • specobject

    Required value

    • spec.enabledboolean

      Enables or disables a module.


      enabled: true
    • spec.settingsobject

      Module settings.

    • spec.versionnumber

      Version of settings schema.


      version: 1


Scope: Cluster
Version: v1alpha1

Shows basic information about the Deckhouse module.

The Module resource cannot be changed. It is intended only for getting information about the module (read-only).

  • propertiesobject
    • properties.sourcestring

      ModuleSource name of the module if provided by one (otherwise empty).

    • properties.statestring

      Module state.

      Allowed values: Enabled, Disabled

    • properties.weightinteger

      Module weight (priority).