Web interfaces associated with the module: status, upmeter

The module collects statistics by availability type for cluster components and Deckhouse. It enables evaluating the degree of SLA compliance for these components, presents availability data via a web interface, and provides a web page with the operating statuses of the cluster components.

You can export availability metrics over the Prometheus Remote Write protocol using the UpmeterRemoteWrite custom resource.

Module composition:

  • agent — probes the availability of components and sends the results to the server; runs on the master nodes;
  • upmeter — aggregates the results and implements the API server to retrieve them;
  • front
    • status — shows the current availability level over the previous 10 minutes (this one requires authorization by default, but you can disable it);
    • webui — is a dashboard with statistics on probes and availability groups (requires authorization);
  • smoke-mini — continuous smoke testing using a StatefulSet that looks like an actual application.

The module sends about 100 metric readings every 5 minutes. This figure depends on the number of Deckhouse modules enabled.


Example of a web interface: Example of a web interface

Example of Grafana plots based on upmeter metrics: Example of Grafana plots based on upmeter metrics