This feature is available in Enterprise Edition only.
This feature is actively developed. It might significantly change in the future.

How do I create a hybrid cluster?

A hybrid cluster combines bare metal and VMware Cloud Director nodes. To create such a cluster, you will need an L2 network between all nodes of the cluster.

To create a hybrid cluster, you need to:

  1. Enable DHCP-server in internal network.

  2. Prepare a file with the provider configuration, replacing the designations with those valid for your cloud

internalNetworkCIDR: <NETWORK_CIRD>
kind: VCDClusterConfiguration
layout: Standard
mainNetwork: <NETWORK_NAME>
    etcdDiskSizeGb: 10
    rootDiskSizeGb: 20
    sizingPolicy: not_exists
    storageProfile: not_exists
    template: not_exists
  replicas: 1
organization: <ORGANIZATION>
  insecure: true
  password: <PASSWORD>
  server: <API_URL>
  username: <USER_NAME>
sshPublicKey: <SSH_PUBLIC_KEY>
virtualApplicationName: <VAPP_NAME>
virtualDataCenter: <VDC_NAME>

Please note that masterNodeGroup is required, but can be left as is.

  1. Encode the resulting file in base64. 1
  2. Create a secret with the following content:

apiVersion: v1
  cloud-provider-cluster-configuration.yaml: <BASE64_WAS_GOT_IN_BEFORE_STEP> 
  cloud-provider-discovery-data.json: eyJhcGlWZXJzaW9uIjoiZGVja2hvdXNlLmlvL3YxIiwia2luZCI6IlZDRENsb3VkUHJvdmlkZXJEaXNjb3ZlcnlEYXRhIiwiem9uZXMiOlsiZGVmYXVsdCJdfQo=
kind: Secret
    heritage: deckhouse
    name: d8-provider-cluster-configuration
  name: d8-provider-cluster-configuration
  namespace: kube-system
type: Opaque
  1. Enable the module cloud-provider-vcd:

kubectl -n d8-system exec -it deployments/deckhouse -- deckhouse-controller module enable cloud-provider-vcd